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Cindy Meeske

"Working with Cindy changed my life. I had never heard of EMDR therapy before my doctor recommended it, but I am amazed by the impact it has had both for the short- and long-term. Cindy's calm demeanor and presence as an expert helped me through some of the harder work we did together. I am eternally grateful." -N.G.

"Working with Cindy is a life-changing process. I am so grateful and honored to have Cindy as my therapist, a truly remarkable guide and partner in healing, with a very-well rounded expertise, and just so adept at practicing her craft. I have experienced different modalities of treatment over the years, but nothing has gotten so to the root causes as Cindy's work has, particularly in the relatively brief time we've been working together. I continue to see realizations and changes in different aspects of my life, seeing positive effects not just in the focus of our work, but also ripple effects that I had not foreseen. As someone who has struggled for decades, this change .... wow. What a gift. I cannot recommend Cindy highly enough." -J.L.

"Cindy has been there for me during the very darkest times of my life. When many other therapists said, "I'm sorry, I don't think I can help you," Cindy held the space for me to heal. Her skills, knowledge, strength, and compassion have helped me to completely transform the way I see myself and the way I see the world. With Cindy's help, I have been able to work through trauma, explore my gender and sexual identity, discover and learn to work with my neurodivergence, and so much more. Her grounding presence has been a gift to me and my life for many years." -B.B.

"Prior to working with Cindy, I always felt like I was anxious for no reason, which just made me more anxious. Cindy has helped me to break down a lot of things, both current and past experiences, to see where some of my anxiety and stress stems from. By processing past experiences, I am able to work through current challenges in a healthier way. Overall, both EMDR and talking out emotions has truly helped me to accept my challenges, praise my successes, and be a better member of my own life." -J.K.

“When I first started working with Cindy, I felt unsure about trying EMDR. I can now say that I’m glad I tried it because it truly changed my life. I’ve had so many epiphanies and realizations that lead me to make a ton of changes in my life. Changes I didn’t even really know that I needed to make- way to make the unconscious conscious. I truly value the work that I’ve done with Cindy and I highly recommend her.” -V.L.

"Cindy is incredibly intuitive and caring. She always knows when to go deeper and when to let up a little to unpack. Her knowledge is extensive and her compassion for me, as a patient, is evident. I trust her and I feel well taken care of by her practice. Our sessions have been meaningful and transformative." - J.C.

"Cindy has been my therapist for several years. She has a way of making me open up even when it's difficult. She has helped my family immensely and has guided me through helping my children with their struggles." -L.C.

"Cindy is the best therapist I've ever had. She listens with no judgment, helps guide me toward a better understanding of myself, and has taught me so much through EMDR and her Reiki class! I have grown into a better version of myself and truly feel so grateful for all her help. Highly recommend!" -D.P.

"Cindy's empathetic, professional approach to EMDR therapy immediately put me at ease and made it easy to feel safe and comfortable. She listens and responds with compassion, and is a very trustworthy guide through what can be a very emotional therapeutic process. Also, she will understand all of your Taylor Swift references, which saves you a lot of time having to explain them." -N.O.


"Cindy has been a true gift in my life. She has tremendous skills and tools to help in her therapy practice, including EMDR which has been a great addition to our sessions. Cindy's insight, perspective, and positive way has been so helpful to me feeling better, stronger, healthier and better able to handle the difficult challenges in life. Cindy is also a Reiki practitioner and teacher and I have benefited from these practices as well as being a student of hers. She is the whole package and I am grateful for her help and her expertise." - G.T.

"EMDR has been the most effective therapy I've ever tried. Overall it has improved my quality of life because I have gained tangible tools that help me even in very high stress situations." -M.R.

"Cindy is fantastic. She has a way of making you feel like you are her only client; remembering stories and names of the people in your life. She makes you feel comfortable, like you are talking to a best friend, while giving you professional advice. I am very grateful to have seen Cindy, especially during a tough time in my life." -K.W.


"I have been working with Cindy for few years now doing both therapy and reiki. She has been absolutely wonderful. It's like sitting and talking with a friend. Her Reiki services are also a great experience. All in all I highly recommend Cindy and her services."  -L.O.

“When I started seeing Cindy I had many bouts with anxiety and was facing a couple of challenging family situations. She helped me sort through my feelings, and today I am healthier and have much better coping skills. Her calm demeanor and nonjudgmental insight gave me the time and space I needed to sort things out.” -M.P.

"I am so glad that I chose Cindy to be my therapist. She has worked with me for several years, helping me manage my anxiety, by providing me with effective strategies like Cognitive Therapy, relaxation techniques, and talk therapy. Cindy is a true professional, who continues to be very patient and understanding with me. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a top notch therapist." -S.B.

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