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EMDR Intensives

What is an EMDR intensive?


An intensive allows clients to work with a clinician for a number of hours at a time over the course of several days in order to speed up the rate at which they heal.  In regular weekly therapy, a lot of time is spent in catching up regarding current issues as well as resourcing at the end of a session, often leaving only a small amount of time for the actual reprocessing work.  This can result in taking much longer to resolve an issue than the client or clinician would like.  Intensives allow individuals to get a lot of treatment in a small period of time and reduce or eliminate symptoms quickly.  

What are the benefits of doing an EMDR Intensive?

  • Effective treatment faster: doing an intensive allows for getting results in days that might have taken months in the traditional weekly treatment model.  A lot of time is spent in regular weekly sessions catching up, managing current issues/crises, developing coping skills, and helping to regulate emotions before leaving session.

  • Cost effective: because intensives are highly focused, they are more efficient and can save money overall due to the shortening of treatment time.

  • More time for you: by not having to carve out time for regular sessions, you can free up time for yourself and other priorities.  It also reduces the stress of doing the reprocessing work associated with having to quickly return to your regular routine right after session.


Can I do an intensive virtually?


Yes.  Intensives are offered both in person and virtually.

Are intensives covered by insurance?


No, intensives are not generally covered by insurance.  However, some clients are able to get some reimbursement from their insurance companies.  I can provide you with a superbill to submit to your insurance company if you are interested in this option.

Do I have to be in state for an intensive?


Yes.  Cindy is licensed in Massachusetts and her licensure requires that the client receiving treatment also be located in Massachusetts.  However, if you live out of state, it is permitted to travel to Massachusetts to receive treatment.  It would just not be possible to receive virtual treatment out of state.

How is the time structured in an intensive?


Below is Cindy’s preference for format.  However, this can be negotiated based on your individual needs.

  • 90 minute intake session

  • 2-3 half day sessions (4 hours each, including breaks)

  • 90 minute follow up session

If I already have a regular therapist, can I still work with you for an intensive?


Yes.  Adjunct EMDR can be a wonderful way to work through things that you may have struggled to address in regular talk therapy.  Often clients cognitively understand their experiences but can struggle with stuck emotions and body sensations.   EMDR can be a very effective treatment in helping clients get to the next level of their healing.

How much does an intensive cost?

This varies depending on the structure as well as whether you opt to use the workbook.  Below are some possible formats and pricing, but we can tailor it to your needs.

twig plant.jpg

3 half-day weekday EMDR Intensive

12 contact hours +optional workbook

$2,800 with workbook

$2,400 without workbook

Monstera plant.webp

2 half-day weekday EMDR Intensive

9 contact hours +optional workbook

$2,200 with workbook

$1,800 without workbook

round leaf plant.jpg

1 half day weekday EMDR Intensive

*Ideal for single event trauma or performance enhancement

6 contact hours + optional workbook

$1,600 with workbook

$1,200 without workbook

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