“I find Cindy extremely professional and knowledgeable.  She is a great listener and is able to make me feel comfortable in discussing very personal and private matters.  More importantly, she is extremely gentle and allows you to process and provides guidance if I ask for it.  Cindy is honest, kind, and extremely trustworthy.  It took me time to find a person like her and I’m extremely grateful.  I look forward to my appointments with her.  Thank you, Cindy, for your continued support and help you give me.” – HP
“Cindy is my lifeline.  I started to see her for my anxiety and then I started seeing so much more that was underneath come out.  I can actually breathe now with no tightness. Cindy is very caring and understanding  and somehow makes you feel special and like you can talk about anything.” –VT

"I have been working with Cindy for a few months. I lost my son almost five years ago and just feel stuck in my grief. I feel like talking to Cindy allows me to say what I need to, to allow myself to heal. It is comforting to talk to someone with no judgement made. Losing a child is just so unnatural and to have someone allow me to express my feelings helps in so many ways. I have a long way to go but am so happy I am working with Cindy. She gives me hope that I will move forward in my life once again. We have also done Reiki which I absolutely love. It feels healing." –CC
“I am a better person today because of Cindy's hard work and dedication to her clients. She has helped me in more ways than she will ever know! She is the best!” –CP
"Cindy helped me.  I came to her a bit of a mess with many responsibilities and challenging transitions happening in my life.  Normally, I am not one to ask for help, but I needed it and I am grateful for her guidance.   Before I worked with Cindy, I tried to sort out my various family problems, physical health challenges and career issues solo, but ended up spinning and ruminating without making progress. She listened without judgement, and her kind and objective voice helped me take the actions that I needed to in order to move forward. Life is a journey, and Cindy offered a bit of GPS help in mine." -ML

"Cindy has been helping me for months regarding childhood trauma/PTSD. It's a slow process but she is patient and understanding while I work through the trauma at my pace. I feel like it's a safe place to talk free of judgement." -CL

“I have only seen Cindy for a brief time, but throughout that time she has been extremely supportive and very insightful. I am very happy I was able to find her when I did.” –VM

"Cindy Meeske is a kind, patient counselor who has helped me with many issues over the years. I have been with Cindy for about 6 years & I was not going to stay with her or anyone else but Cindy quickly won me over with her caring nature & concern for my well-being. She truly cares for her clients & has gone out of her way to help me through many urgent issues as well as some long-standing issues that will take more time to resolve.  If you need caring, compassionate service then I highly recommend Cindy M. I for one will continue to see her til there comes a day I will have to leave for some reason. I saw Cindy at another facility & when she left there to strike out on her own I followed her. I have been very happy to have Cindy as my therapist." –HK

"Cindy has helped me accept life the way it is, to stop judging myself and figure out my boundaries."-ML

"I've been seen by Cindy for over five years, now.  My sessions have helped me through a difficult time in my life. She continues to provide me with support and insightful skills which I am able to implement outside of our time together."-DM

"Cindy helped me at a time when I was not in a good place in life.  I had a lot of different family members with very bad medical scenarios, making the stress in life even harder than usual.  She was great in getting me to do some mental exercises that helped me to understand more of why I had gotten to this place in life- but more importantly about how to get to a better place.  I have since been able to learn how to deal with the things that help me stay in a better place mentally."-WS
"I had the pleasure of meeting Cindy a few years ago while attending an informational Reiki workshop in my town. She explained the principles and also provided a small session for each attendee. Reiki has been an interest of mine for many years. It has been very helpful to my husband in easing his knee pain. I knew that becoming certified in Reiki would be a great step in combining my interest and also give me the ability to help my husband. I soon after attended Cindy's Reiki l Class at Red Phoenix Healing. I enjoyed it so much I wanted to continue my learning. A year later I went back to complete Reiki ll.  It was an excellent experience all around. Cindy is thorough and very professional. She is openly available to answer questions that may come up after the class is over. I would highly recommend her class as well as her Reiki services." –CG
"I attended Cindy Meeske's Reiki I workshop in June of 2016.  Cindy had been referred to my wife and I by a colleague and friend, but we had never met or worked with her before so we didn't know what to expect. The workshop without a doubt, exceeded our expectations.  There is a lot to learn in Reiki I and Cindy has the amazing ability to keep everyone on track with getting through the work, while creating a relaxed environment where everyone felt comfortable asking questions. On top of that, her respect for all aspects of Reiki and its history and traditions is clearly evident, which I found inspiring and which confirmed for us that we found the right teacher.  I will definitely return to Cindy and would highly recommend her for anyone looking for a workshop, energy work, reiki or spiritual healing." –RT
"I have been a client of Cindy for some time now. She is a very supportive and compassionate therapist. I have also had Reiki sessions. Cindy is a true healer and her work left me feeling lighter and uplifted each time. I would highly recommend Cindy to anyone seeking a therapist and/or Reiki work."-KE
"I reached out to Cindy when looking for a therapist who collaborates regular therapy methods with holistic methods such as energy healing and meditation. She has helped me work on some difficult issues in my life and the energy healing is very beneficial for me because I tend to hold on to a lot of energy. I took a Reiki class with her as well that was great." –FA
"Really enjoyed Cindy's Reiki class. Cindy was informative, thorough, patient and interesting. I did not feel like we were rushed out of her class, it lasted the whole scheduled time. Her class was well worth it." -MD

" Cindy is Amazing!. Her insightful angel card reading will blow your mind.  So the next time that you need validation over which path to follow, when you are at that fork in the road give her a try. I highly recommend it. FTLOJ" -AB
"My fiancé and I have been doing therapy with Cindy for a year. On a couple of occasions, without her guidance and support, we would not have survived our first year living together. Cindy has helped us discover a lot about ourselves and helped us connect to how we relate.  Now we better understand each other and ourselves. Our relationship is a journey and with her help, it is no longer a battle.
I have also had the pleasure of working with Cindy though her Reiki practice. She helped me feel centered and grounded. Through her silent mantras and energy work I felt a warmth and peace rush over me that I had been longing for. I look forward to our future therapy and Reiki sessions.  She is a trustworthy individual and practitioner who is committed to helping her clients meet their goals." -OG

"I have been working with Cindy for the past few months. We have worked together collaboratively to assist me with gaining perspective with my life. Cindy has gained my respect but more importantly my trust by making me take a long look at my opportunities. She has taught me how to make simple changes and work through difficult decisions that lead to a better me all while empowering me to do the heavy lifting. After I leave my sessions, I always take something positive with me."  -BK
"Cindy has helped me through many different stages of life. She has a way of making you see things from a perspective that you normally wouldn't, and guiding you through a problem without telling you what to do. Words can't express how grateful I am to have had her as a counselor for so many years." -WC

"Cindy is fantastic. She has a way of making you feel like you are her only client; remembering stories and names of the people in your life. She makes you feel comfortable, like you are talking to a best friend, while giving you professional advice. I am very grateful to have seen Cindy, especially during a tough time in my life." -MK

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