Psychotherapeutic Reiki
Can psychotherapy and Reiki be combined?  Absolutely!  This can be done through a number of techniques.

  • Cindy can give you a short healing attunement at the beginning of a session.  This will not only give you a quick mini-Reiki session, it will also enhance what you get out of the therapy session.
  • Cindy can do a mental/emotional clearing focused on a specific issue you want to focus on using affirmations and Reiki.
  • You can bring up intense emotions or difficult issues while getting Reiki in order to help release, heal, and lower the intensity associated with the issue.
  • Reiki can be used to help install positive beliefs or affirmations.

The possibilities are really endless and can be tailored to the individual.  Do not be afraid to ask for Reiki to be a part of your therapy session.
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