Dovenstar: Starr Beauvais, Cindy's Reiki teacher

Arjava Petter: world-renowned Reiki Master Teacher, taught Starr Beauvais
Louise Hay: world-renowned metaphysical author and speaker

Wayne Dyer: world-renowned author and speaker, known for his work on the Law of Attraction

Doreen Virtue: well known for her work with angels

Michelle Murray, Intuitive: a gifted clairvoyant with so many healing and specific messages in her readings, highly recommended.

Green Hand Healing and Child Reiki: my talented Reiki student Loreen Berry who works with children and adults

Steve Bisson, LMHC: my talented colleague, counseling in Holliston, MA

Life Guidance Associates: life coaching and intuitive work in Worcester, MA
Finding the Light Within : counseling, Reiki, & more in Hudson, MA 

Regina's Connection: a gifted medium in Hudson, MA, also offers Reiki and other healing modalities.

The Enchanted Fox: a great resource for metaphysical supplies in Medway, MA

Kelly Rosano: My favorite astrology forecasts

Kari Samuels: Numerology, astrology, and intuition

Susan Miller's Astrology Zone: a wonderful website for astrology forecasts

Astrodienst: helps you to create your own astrological chart

Caterpillar Yoga Reiki: my Reiki classmate, Kristen TenDyke

EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique aka "the tapping cure"

TAT: Tapas Acupressure Technique

Daniel Amen, MD: amazing research doing brain scans to discover how various mental health issues and substances affect brain function.

Brian Weiss, MD: incredible work on past lives

Altered Lines: Brendon Leblanc, who designed my amazing logo

Addiction Resource: helpful information regarding alcohol and drug addiction and resources to get help.

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